Frequent Questions

For helpful videos and demos showing our product, check out our YouTube page by clicking here

What if the player card does not fit in the player wristband I have ordered?

If the player card does not fit into the wristband you have ordered, the quick and easy solution is to click back to the software - at the end of your signs set-up or in your advanced settings a window shows up that asks how many coaches sheets and player cards you would like, there is an option to select your wristband style as well, be sure to select the proper style so that your player card will properly fit in the band once printed.

What are the dimensions of the wristbands?

As we develop our partnerships, we recommend you purchase the only wristbands on the market that offer a 100% full-season guarantee from Own The Zone Sports. You can buy them from us - here
Here is a list of their available wristband styles, sizes and options. 

Small Wristband: 
Wristband Length - 4 1/2" long  |  Window Size - 2 1/4" tall x 3 1/2" long 
These bands are most popular with softball teams and the 150 cell player card grid option 
Large Wristband:
Wristband Length - 7" long  |  Window Size - 3" tall x 5" long
These bands are most popular with high school and college baseball teams and the 150, 180, or 216 cell player card grid options

How do I change the number of signs on my player card from 216 to 180 or 150 for the smaller bands?

  • On the home screen, click "settings"
  • Click - "Update My Print Settings"
  • Select either 216, 180, or 150 on the second line
  • Click "Finish Step" to save your settings for future use

How do I relay the numbers to my players or coaches?

There are various ways to relay the numbers to your players.  Since it does not matter if the other team sees, or hears your numbers, you can either use your hand to flash each individual number to your team or you can verbally communicate the numbers to your players. It is HIGHLY recommended that you simply use your hand to relay your signs for various reasons.

How do my players and I read the player card?

Read the first two numbers horizontally. The third number is read vertically.  As an example, if you are looking at a player card, and the number you wish to relay from the coach’s sheet is 034, to read the player card, the player would first find “03” which in the top left hand portion of the card, once finding “03”, the player would then go down vertically to row “4” (note row 4 is the fifth slot down due to the zero row).  The two-character code would tell the player what play to execute.  Visit our "Helpful Videos" page for a demo of Coach's Sheet and Player Cards

Is it possible to pay for products using a PO#?

  • Yes, PO #'s will be accepted for orders from high schools and colleges/universities. For more timely shipping, it is recommended you pay with a credit card online.
  • Simply begin by visiting our "catalog"/store page and begin adding the items you would like to purchase to your cart.
  • Once you have selected what you would like to order and have added it to your cart you will be prompted to fill out your contact and shipping information. 
  • Lastly, you will be asked "how you would like to pay", you can select to pay with a credit card, a PO# number, or request a quote.  
  • If you select to use a PO# you will be emailed a recap of your order along with a W-9 Form which is sometimes needed by bookkeeping to process the order and the PO# on your end.
  • Once we receive an order with a PO# included, we ship the order the same or next day!

If I want to use the program offensively and defensively do my payers need to wear two wristbands?

No. If you choose to use both the offensive and defensive portions like many do, simply laminate your player cards back to back so it is easy for the players to flip their cards over each half inning.

What are the technology requirements for the software?

A smart device, or computer, internet connection and the ability to print your coach's and player cards.